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Changes of Pace

While things in the Master/slave part of O/our relationship have had to take a back burner as we adapt to the summer schedule and me living back at home for the summer while i work, W/we have been able to grow as a couple. Change is always hard. i always want to be talking and interacting with Master and when home that can’t happen… at least not as frequently as we would like. It has also been much harder for me to keep up with my “sessions” as there is minimal privacy and no set schedule. Luckily, my nipples are 99% healed from the breast pump punishment so i will hopefully be able to begin using that again soon. Many days i long to tell my parents and be open with them about my relationship with Master. But i know that they will frown on how we met and the large age gap between U/us. However, i got some exciting news today that my dad would pay for my trip back down there to see the school again next week before i start working full time the following week. This means i will once again be only 20 minutes away from Him! Unfortunately this is not set in stone and depends largely on if the acceptance letter comes before then, but W/we are hopeful that W/we will be able to spend some much needed time together.


Master’s Change of Mind- My Introduction to the Pump

i am still a couple of days behind with my writing however i hope to be caught up in the next day so that i may write about what is currently happening in O/our relationship faster and with more details.  This was what happened on Friday…

I had gone to my one class braless, which after missing the shuttle from my apartment to campus meant parading my bouncy, braless, perky nippled chest on a 10 minute walk across campus. This class happens to be from 11-12, when campus is normally at its busiest point but to top it off there was also a also a high school competition or two taking place, so campus was absolutely swarmed….  Master loved it. He told me to put my shoulders back and show off my chest proudly because i am His property and He wanted all to see what a good little slut, slave i am. i also think this was His punishment to me for me missing the shuttle, even though i made it to my class with 5 minutes to spare (about the same time i get there when i take the shuttle).

When i got back to my car, i asked Master if i may go to Walmart on my way home to pick up some last minute things (like a matching nail polish) before my semiformal that night.  He happily agreed that i could go and display my growing breasts to more people as i did not have a bra with me. To be honest, as self-aware as i feel when i am braless, i love it because i feel like His property and it truly instills the feeling of submission deep into me but it is also on the forefront of my mind all day.  Master had decided that while i was there i would look at what nursing pumps they had that were cheaper than the hospital grade ones that are traditionally used to help induce lactation until He decided if that was something W/we would continue to use it.  i found a double electric EvenFlo pump that was only around $50 (about $100-150 less than those W/we had been looking at online) and could be used both attached to a wall power unit or on batteries so it was great for the on-the-go life that is the life of a college student.

Master had decided that He wanted my nipples raw from the pump, not a smart choice having never used it before to play with the settings and how my nipples handle it come to find out (but who am i to argue?), so he told me that when i got home and got the pump set up i was to pump for an hour on the highest setting. Once i had it all set up, including a DIY pump holder bra, i turned it on and discovered the noise that it produced, i immediately shut it off and told Master that it was too loud and my roommates would hear.  He would hear none of that.  i debated this with Him for about 20 minutes, forcing myself into an added punishment, before i set the pumps down running on my bed and walked over close to the door to hear how loud it was. Turns out it was still noticeable but only a soft humming noise and probably would not be able to be heard unless you stood next to the closed door, this helped my fear and i went and did my session as i had been told. After the hour i removed the pumps to find that my nipples were double if not triple the size that they normally are and semicircle bister rings on my areolas.  The pain of the blisters set in a few minutes later followed by the realization that my punishment was the next 3 sessions being 40 minutes a piece on the pump while i was in position. i put Neosporin on my nipples to accelerate the healing. 

i did the next session before the dance. By this time my nipples had gone down to almost normal size but stayed more erect than normal.  i did the session with surprisingly little pain… until it was over. The blisters had become much worse and my nipples were swollen to the strangely large size again.  By the time the third session came (second of my punishment), even though we turned down the suction they remained quite sore throughout the whole process.

I have noticed that it has helped increase my breast size faster than the manual stimulation (my breasts are now starting to overflow what were my comfortable 34C bras) did even though we have backed our sessions with the pump down to twice a day and on a low setting, which doesn’t irritate my blisters at all, until my nipples heal back up.  i have definitely learned my lesson as to not mess with Master when it comes to the pumps because they are strong enough to inflict some serious pain. On the other hand, i must admit, i miss the way the high setting pulls on my nipples and seems to stimulate my whole breast…. maybe next time W/we will keep the time limits down, but the choice is all up to Master (i think He likes knowing that His slave is marked by Him).  i also cannot wait (even though there is probably months to go before that happens… W/we’ll see!

Milk Slave

O/our relationship has taken a few new and very exciting turns over the last week (back up to more or less present time… not a whole lot of NEW development happened in our relationship happened between Spring Break and now due to it being that crazy time of year in college).

Master and i were talking on the phone last Thursday afternoon and, i have no recollection as to how it got brought up, W/we were suddenly talking about adult nursing relationships; if you can lactate without being pregnant, what it entails, how you would do it. (Quite ironically the next night my roommate happened to bring up the subject but in the sense that she wants to adopt her children and has already done substantial research on it and she had been talking to one of her friends who apparently was thinking about inducing lactation to sell her milk).

While W/we were discussing this, i pulled out my tablet and began to do research (i will research something to death if we are thinking about starting something new or wanting more ideas to further enhance our relationship.  Other than Wikipedia (see Erotic Lactation if you want a quick overview), i stumbled upon landmilkhoney.com where i was able to find lots of information on ANR/ABR/Erotic Lactation.  i began to read Master the information under one of their “Articles of Interest” in the “Information for New Couples” section www.landmilkhoney.com/nurscouples.htm (Nursing for Couples- A Tutorial). After reading this, compared to the “general lactation induction google search answers” that i had found, W/we read something that W/we really liked.  This was not all about milk supply and added drugs/hormones/herbs to induce lactation ASAP, but rather it was about the couple and their bonding/dependence on each other.  This site says that you need to do, as do 99% of the sites out there, 8 sessions with whichever method you choose (Your partner sucking, manual expression, or use of pumps- effective usually in that order) for about 20 minutes a side until milk comes in fully and then you can back it down to whatever your desired rate is and the milk production will cater to that.

This information was enough to have U/us interested. i think it is important to note before going any further that inducing lactation was not something that was meant to be a “submissive” thing, but yes it is very much one now that W/we are getting started.  Master and i decided W/we wanted to try it for the main purpose of having to have a set intimate time(s) every day, no exceptions.  The rest of the world could, and can, move on without U/us, when it is time to nurse, or for “O/our session” as W/we call it, that will have to come first.  i know the idea of an ANR is something that is considered very taboo in our society, but when you sit down and think about what it can bring to the table as far as bonding together and being seriously dependent on one another there are so many pluses. In a society where everything is going a million miles per hour W/we will now never be able to cast the other person aside for being too “busy.” Also, after my research, there is no health risks that go along with it, in fact it actually helps burn up to 500 calories a day for the woman and it lowers her risk of cancer.

There was still the issue of the time it takes to get to the point that W/we have actually induced lactation.  While we are not in a hurry to get to the point of producing milk (sure it would be great if it happened sooner rather than later) but W/we do have the issue with the fact that i am a college student.  Taking 20 minutes at least out of every 3 hours was not something that i was sure that i was going to be able to do.  But, i had said i would make it work, W/we would find a way to do it and i would plan my classes for next semester so that He can come over and nurse when needed.  Then W/we found landmilkhoney.com/succesfulan (Succesful Adult Nursing) that was written by a couple, who much like U/us, wanted to nurse (and now have been nursing for about 5 years) but due to work schedules and distance couldn’t nurse as much as was considered needed to induce and that they didn’t want to pump. Master is also against the idea of me pumping because it lessens my need for Him if i can turn to a machine for relief. I do not want to steal his words because he puts it all together fabulously, but just to give you the idea they decided they could only realistically nurse once to twice a day.  Over the years they have been able to experiment a lot with it and were able to put together the “10 Lactation Indicators (in the order that they will occur)” and “7 Tips for Successful Lactation” that have been by far the best guide that W/we have found. 

Anyways, before reading this, Master had decided that i would spend the summer researching more about it (unfortunately there is not a whole lot out there) and W/we would begin the day that i got down there.  However, after reading their story, He decided that on Sunday (4/27/2014)  i was to begin using manual expression techniques 4 times a day starting with 5 minutes per side but i quickly bumped that up to 10 minutes because i still felt like i needed more after 5 minutes after the first 2 days. i now do my sessions: immediately after waking up (~8 AM), during my lunch break (~1 PM), dinner time (~6 PM), and right before bed (~11 PM). Right now it would be too much on me to wake up in the middle of the night to do a session but W/we have talked about adding or shifting sessions around once there so they are more even across the 24 hour day.

A huge part of this, as is being a submissive, is the mindset.  Master usually watches my sessions over video chat or is texting me/talking to me on the phone telling me how happy He is we are doing this and how much He wants my milk.  If i am ever in a sour mood for any reason or not happy with Master (no W/we are not perfect but W/we are extremely open with each other and problems are resolved very quickly), no matter how badly i feel i need the session, i will push it back 10-30 minutes so that i go into it positively. When i do this, i feel as though i get much more out of my sessions. It does take a while for the milk to actually come in, but my breasts get very tingly feeling and Master says they look larger already (an added bonus that He is very happy about since i am only a 34C) which was confirmed when i was able to lick my nipples fairly easily, something i have not been able to do before.

Now, i mentioned that when W/we started it was not intended for this to be something that was for submissive purposes like so many other things that W/we do, however, beyond a shadow of a doubt this has been the thing that has pushed me into a new level of submission. i began asking Master for permission to do my sessions on the second day of doing them even though W/we had decided that i was just going to log it for Him to know that i did it and for how long.  This has now become the standard. Master also has visions of me on my knees now with my head bowed offering Him my milky breasts. This has also lead to more exploration in me going braless/more exposed than normal at Master’s command which i will talk about more in another post since this one is already very long.

i will keep you all posted on O/our journey, of course, but if you have any questions feel free to ask and i will answer them or point you in the right direction because i know there is very limited information out there (i have spent MANY hours doing/trying to do research over the last week)…